ALMA began in 1999. We offer support and mentoring for lesbian doctors, medical students and their partners. We have over 200 doctors and medical students from around Australia and New Zealand on our membership list, from many different fields of medicine. We keep in touch with regular social events, an annual conference, and by newsletter.

ALMA funds lesbian health research by awarding grants to original projects. We lobby for inclusion of lesbian and queer health in curricula at medical schools and in specialist training. We foster links with like-minded organisations. ALMA participates in Pride Marches and Mardi Gras.

ALMA is run by a voluntary committee selected each year at our conference AGM. Click here for the current committee details. We welcome your ideas and participation!

Our Objectives

  1. Support and advocacy for members 
  2. Provision of role models and mentoring 
  3. Advancing the visibility of lesbian medical professionals 
  4. Creation of links with other like-minded organisations 
  5. Advocacy in relation to lesbian health issues in research, education and policy


Our History

ALMA was a twinkle in the eye of a handful of lesbian doctors in the late 1990s.

Founding members, including Carol Booth, Alison Rutherford, and Liz Rickman came up with the audacious plan of holding a conference for lesbian doctors and medical students.

The first ALMA conference was held in 1999 at Lake Macquarie NSW, and attracted a startling 32 lesbian doctors, medical students and partners.

So inspired were the participants, that they decided to create a national lesbian medical organisation - and ALMA was born.

Since then, she has gone from strength to strength. Numerous women have joined and volunteered.

Annual conferences have been held every year since ALMA’s inception.

Several research & health promotion projects have been funded by ALMA’s research grants.

ALMA has contributed to medical curricula, government policy, and advocated for lesbian health in many arenas.