ALMA has held a member’s conference every year since 1999.  After the first very successful conference, the annual gathering has been the highlight of the ALMA calendar. It is the main opportunity for members to learn from peers and to network.

The conference is a non-profit venture, with the majority of planning work done voluntarily,  by ALMA members. The conference fees are the costs of making it happen.

A highlight of the weekend is the conference dinner & dance. Partners are encouraged to register for all or part of the conference and concession rates are offered to them.

Medical Student members are fully subsidised by ALMA to attend the Conference Programme and Dinner. There is a “Students and Doctors in Hardship Fund” into which donations are received.  This is used to ensure that all medical students and any doctor who is experiencing financial hardship, are supported to attend.



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Under ALMA’s constitution one of the organisation’s core aims is advocacy in relation to lesbian health research.  The grants fund was established in 2004.  This is primarily funded by member’s donations.  Over the years ALMA has partnered with different organisations in order to effectively offer a worthwhile grant.  A number of high quality projects have resulted.

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Advocacy in relation to lesbian health matters and  medical curriculums is another core ALMA activity.

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