How To Join


Benefits of Membership

  • Membership entitles you to join the ALMALINK email group and the Alma social network portal, take part in the mentoring programme, receive copies of our newsletter ALMANAC, and have eligibility to attend the annual conference.
  • Your membership will be supporting ALMA’s work including the Lesbian Health Promotion & Research Grant and funding students to attend our conferences.



To be eligible for membership you need to:

  • 1. Self-identify as lesbian AND 
  • 2. Be/have been/eligible to be registered as a medical practitioner in Australia; or be an enrolled medical student at an Australian university.


Membership Fees

The membership fees for one year are as follows:

Full Fee: $150
Concession fee (medical students/retirees): $25

For any member, including students/retirees, with personal circumstances that make payment of the standard fee difficult, ALMA will accept a membership fee of any amount $5 and over at the member\'s own discretion.

ALMA also has a tiered fee structure (Precious Stone) which permits members to make a choice to contribute more than the standard fee if they wish to do so.



On joining ALMA, members nominate their chosen level of privacy:

Level 1: 
Details can be made available only to the ALMA committee and shall be used only so that ALMA can forward information.

Level 2: 
Details can be made available to all members of ALMA but not to any non-members.

Level 3: 
Details can be made available to anyone at the discretion of the committee.

Members nominating level 2 or 3 will be placed on a mailing list, which is available to ALMA members.

Members nominating level 3 may be placed on referral lists and other generally public lists though ALMA usually seeks consent before doing so.


Online Membership Payments 2017/2018

  • Online membership payments are managed via Sticky Tickets. Click the yellow box link below to be taken to the membership payment portal.
  • New membership applications must be approved via the Membership Secretary before continuing to payment (please see above on How to Join).



Membership Payments


Offline Membership Payments 2017/2018