• Being a lesbian/queer woman in medicine can be be difficult and isolating. It is common to feel you are the only one. Many women fear, and some experience, discrimination in their training and work.
  • ALMA aims to provide support and connection for lesbian/queer women in medicine. We offer a mentor system, an email link, and regular social events.
  • We have a system of local and student representatives, so you can find a friendly face or voice on the phone, wherever you are in Australia and New Zealand
  • ALMA's annual conference is a safe and welcoming place for women to get together and find a sense of community. Partners and children are particularly welcome at the conference & other ALMA events.

Mentoring Program

  • Life in medicine is much easier if you have role models or inspiring doctors to reach out to. This can be especially valuable if you are just starting out, just coming out (or thinking about it), or are isolated and -don't know any other lesbian or queer women in medicine
  • Any ALMA member can be a mentor or mentee regardless of age or stage of career. If you would like to get involved as a mentor or mentee, or even both, fill in the Participant Form and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • ALMALINK is a Yahoo! Group and emailing list set up in 1999 as a means of communication for members of ALMA. The discussion group is open only to members of ALMA, but contributions may be accepted for distribution to list members.
  • ALMALINK may enable referral to health services, but takes no responsibility for the outcome of the referral. No advertising of products is accepted. All email addresses are strictly confidential and not distributed to any third parties.
  • Any questions about this policy can be forwarded to ALMALINK list moderators.
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